2007 Mythes et contes de Gatenga

Open air stage Gatenga, Kigali, Ruanda 10 Febbraio 2007

UNDP/ UNICEF / UNV production / FLUSSO dance project

Direction & concept: Frank Gerard, Anne Peters

Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Music, percussions& coordination: Ben Ngabo

Drama teacher & actor: Augustin Gasake

Traditional dance: Claire & ismael

Costumes: Dadmax agency

Organization: Evelyne Kestelyn, Regine Kwintner, Benoit Larielle, Benoit Pylyser, Valerio Iovine, Anne Peters, Gianluca Rampolla, Paul Ferran, Jeffrey Bower, Frank Gerard

Finincing Partners: UNDP, UNICEF, UNV, Associazione Matthias Filippone-Thaulero, FLUSSO dance project

The arts, in general, and performing arts in particular, are excellent drivers of development. They encourage imagination, creativity and contribute to open-mindedness and acceptance of different ideas. They can also generate,new perspectives on existing realities. In this kind of event, artists develop rigor, perseverance and team spirit; these skills contribute to creating individuals who are well-rounded and better prepared to face the challenges of Rwanda’s future. The project developed a show of dance, music, drums, theatre, and acrobatics which has involved deprived youth of Gatenga’s centre of Kigali, with the assistance and coordination of international UN staff members and the support of Rwandan and international professional artists. The objectives of the show are to develop artistic skill, imagination and creativity, among disadvantaged youth of the centre, to promote Arts in society, young talent and to realize a synergy between modernity and tradition. The theme of the show is the dream, the imaginary and what transports us into another world.