2019 LOST RIGHTS - Uhuru project

FLUSSO dance project / MUDA Africa

Supported by the Italian Embassy of Dar Es Salaam

September 2019 - Time2dance Festival 19 , Nafasi Art Space, Dar Es Salaam


Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi
 - Concept free inspired by: “Il cielo degli ultimi” by Maria Grazia Cutuli - Music by: Uhuru republic project
 - Costumes design: Mabinti - 
Lighting: Vanessa Tamburi - 
Video design: Nassos Chatzopoulos - 
Dancers: Muda Africa students
Duration: 20/30 min

After 9 years from its conception the piece has been reworked for a larger production, expanded and integrated with the Uhuru Republic musical project where Italian and Tanzanian musicians and singers have found a strong interplay between the two expressive worlds.

The choreography articulates a few sketches of the life of children and women in Africa: sto- ries of lost rights and dignity. The piece is inspired by “The sky of the last ones (Il cielo degli ultimi)”, a book that collects articles written by MARIA GRAZIA CUTULI, an Italian reporter killed in Afghanistan in 2001. Her reporting brought her to Africa, the continent that she loved the most, then to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. Her articles cover stories of life, and interviews with witnesses. Tales of women, children and war: "those that we for- get because we do not belong to.”

The piece is also in memory of the 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights just passed on Dec.10th 2018.
“The Declaration has been one of the most constructive advances of ideas in human history. But today, that progress is under threat. We still have a long way to go, and too many of our leaders seem to have forgotten these powerful and prophetic words. We need to rectify that, not just today, not just on the 70th anniversary, but every day, every year”. (By Michelle Bachelet)