2006 The Last Beat

Fucina-off Festival / Caio Melisso Thatre / Spoleto 25 February 2006 


Concept and choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Video Design: Andrea Paciotto

Lighting and Costumes: Vanessa Tamburi

Music: Adel Borislavov Karanov

Life percussions: Mamadou Ba

Length: 50 minutes

Dancers: Vito Alfarano, Massimo Cerruti, Arianna De Angelis, Sara Libori, Silvia Parmeggiani, Ludovic Party

The project was inspired by a trip to Rwanda and Burundi and it wants to express a condivision human and civil towards the history of the Rwandese genocide, that is also the history of the indifference of the Western countries to drammatic events perceived by them as distant from their own interests. Indifference didn't permit to save precious human lives and still today, after 13 years have passed since the genocide, many questions remain open, and perhaps will never have an answer. The project is based on the rhythm of the Drums of Burundi, one of the most original examples of traditional African expression. The acoustic intensity and energy of the drums is so powerful that ensembles of defined and spontaneous forms are transmitted, thus creating a trance and a mystic link between the player and the rhythm. It is a rhythm, an impulsive energy, and a sound that can lead to the absolute loss of control and clearness of mind.