August 20/21, 2012 - Between the seas Festival, NY

Dedicated to Matteo


Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi - Concept free inspired by: “Il cielo degli ultimi” by Maria Grazia Cutuli - Music by: Brian Eno & David Byrne /Lagash /Jakob Poll -Musical Arrangement: Jakob Poll/Maisha Music - Costumes design: Mabinti Centre - Matteo Rampolla -Light design: Vanessa Tamburi -Video design: Nassos Chatzopoulos -Photos: Gianrico Battaglia – Vanessa Tamburi -Dancers: Megumi Eda, Erica Tamagnini, Francisco Ruvulcaba, Nile Baker- Duration: 20 min

Lost Rights was premiered at the Visa2dance Festival, Dar es Salaam in October 2010 and realized in collaboration with FLUSSO dance project , Italy.  The piece is specifically designed for four young Tanzanian dancers. The result shows a combination of movements taking roots in two different cultures. The styles of each dancer were extracted to highlight their individual talents and then amalgamated into the choreographer’s language. The piece articulates nine scketchs of the life of children in Liberia, Zambia, Somalia, Angola, Ivory Coast and Rwanda: stories of lost rights and dignity. The piece is inspired by “The sky of the last ones”, a book that collects articles written by MARIA GRAZIA CUTULI, an Italian reporter killed in Afghanistan in 2001. Her articles cover stories of life, and interviews with witnesses. Tales of women, children and war: "those that we forget because we do not belong to.