Choreographic Collision project

Vanessa Tamburi is part of the  project

Learn to Fly - Choreographic training program - Curated by Danzavenezia & Biennale Danza


From May 25th to June 12th, 2010 a group of choreographers and university students specializing in literary criticism and/or the performing arts will have the opportunity to participate as a living organism in the rehearsals, performances and meetings with the artists in the program of the 7th International Festival of Contemporary Dance. Two workshops will be held in the research and experimentation program dedicated to choreographers. Two exceptional teachers, exclusively for Choreographic Collision: Marie Chouinard and Ismael Ivo. The choreographers will be supported in their activity by the participants in a Critical Analysis Workshop led by Stefano Tomassini, and addressed to university students/scholars specializing in literary criticism and/or the performing arts, who may earn academic credits thanks to the collaboration with the Università Ca' Foscari in Venice. Choreographic Collision is therefore a unique and unmissable opportunity for growth and experimentation dedicated to young choreographers and dance scholars, with a training project based on dialogue, research, stimulation and interaction with all the personalities at the 7th International Festival of Contemporary Dance (May 26th > June 12th, 2010) organized by the Biennale di Venezia and directed by Ismael Ivo.