2006 Suncycle project  www.suncycle.org

Auditorium Sala Petrassi / ROME 11th November 2006

Offucina Eclectic Arts / Contemporaneamente gruppo danza

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Artistic and Stage Direction: Andrea Paciotto

Music Composition and Media Programming: Jan Klug

Drammaturgy and Communication Systems: Federico Bonelli

Development and Organization: Adriana Garbagnati

Electromecanic Systems: Stefano Lucidi

Lenght: 1 hour

Performers: Vito Alfarano, Federico Bonelli, Arianna De Angelis, Marco Delle Foglie, Maxime Lachaume, Sara Libori, Silvia Parmeggiani.

More: research and design group ( University of arts in Belgrade )- Faculty Director: Radivoje Dinulovic - Coordinator Students: Mia David Zaric - Marija Palanacki, Aleksandra Zdravkovic, Tatjana Mandic, Miodrag Kuc, Goran Mirkovi, Sonja Zugic - Video by: Federico Bonelli – Jan Klug – Andrea Paciotto - Cast: Reine Ake (Gea/Teti), Federico Bonelli (Demiurge), Alessio Piffero (Juggler) Camera and Editino: Federico Bonelli, Andrea Paciotto - Additional Props: Rino Garzarelli - Additional Photos: Sonja Zugic - Assistant to the Choreographer: Benedetta Mazzocchi

SUN CYCLE is a dance, music, video and theatre performance about ENERGY. It explores different forms and qualities of energy, and its relation with the human experience. An international group of artists, designers and technical experts, began exploring the possible relations between ART and ENERGY, researching the possibilities offered by the existing technologies and also developing new applications. The objective is to create a sustainable theatre, sustainable in every aspect, from the artistic elements, to the more technical and organizational. An autonomous performance that produces the ENERGY that it consumes and consumes only the ENERGY that it produces