Rwanda 15 years after / Photo exhibition

The Reason 

In April 1994, Rwanda plunged into chaos 
 Rwanda has consumed a tragedy of the magnitude and manner hardly conceivable. The glass is full - repeating President Habyarimana of Rwanda - and we do not know where to put the rest of the water. The beetles were to be eliminated, it was necessary to clean up, these words rang out on national radio frequencies. In the aftermath of the attack to the President the result was much worse than any electoral disputes: a wave of inexplicable violence massacred 500 thousand people, blind rage and revenge overwhelmed men, women and children. Awe and fear are still tattooed on the faces of survivors. With machetes or burned alive in their homes, neighbors killing neighbors, teachers, their students, childhood friends were revealed enemies

Yet, today, thirteen years since that terrible genocide in Rwanda we dream, but certainly not forgotten. The museum of the genocide in Kigali collects stories and faces of those that war could not tell, but also of those who survived that war, contains a memory that should not be deleted, but rebuilt, because it does not turn into a thirst for revenge, Holocaust denial is essentially because such horrors never happen again. 
 Today in Rwanda, you can go on vacation, with proper precautions and with due respect, now you can organize trips to Rwanda of memory, such as that promoted and produced by the Mayor of Rome Veltroni with more than 100 students from a technical institute higher. Experience unique, enriching, a mutual learning. One student recounts during an assembly made to discuss the first impressions of the trip, as a child had approached the car on which he was traveling. He had not asked for anything, but had given a letter in French in which to tell his story, that of his family massacred in the genocide, and asked only one thing: being able to communicate. Even Yolande Mukagasana, survivors of the genocide, asks the collective memory, invoking the duty to bear witness, to ensure a different life for their children.

Look at the eyes, the eyes of these kids, you see Africa? Do you see the pride and dignity? Africa is in the eyes of these kids, all with poverty and respect, with the past and future, with his strength and his silence. I have never asked for money for being photographed, contrary to what many told me, are the white tourists who market everything, not them. The picture has a meaning, must be imbued with respect, be photographed means not be forgotten. I was scared to take photos during the first few days, fear of invading their daily lives, their privacy, then I understood. It depends on the way, you always like this, we must be able to request, with your eyes, look for their eyes and know how to wait, wait until you settle your hair, you Štiřín rumpled suit, which assume an attitude worthy of the importance of that photo . After having understood, I did not even have to wait much longer, some people even asked me to be photographed. We in the eyes, in Africa. A look with respect, an entry on tiptoe, a walk through the neighborhoods, just so little. And then, there needs no introduction. Everything will be reality or fantasy? think, Well, I hope to live it, then I hope to hear from you. In Africa you can find the meaning.


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